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About us

Atelier 3

Atelier 3 is an architectural studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria. The studio works on projects mainly in the domain of cultural heritage, conservation and interpretation of archaeological sites, and public spaces.

Who are we?

The studio was founded by Donika Georgieva and Miroslav Velkov in 2013. Later Dessislava Kovacheva joined them. All three are licensed architects specialised in the field of heritage conservation. Donika has a doctoral degree in conservation of architectural heritage and holds a position of assistant professor at the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia, Bulgaria. Miroslav also teaches at the same university and together with Donika has taken part in a number of scientific projects. Dessislava is working on her doctoral thesis on the heritage of urban square spaces.

Our motto

Mind the context!

Why Atelier 3?

Because we believe architecture is not a one man show.
Because we like the work in creative teams.
And … because this is where we started from.