Flat L19

The task:

To transform a 100 sq.m. three-room flat to leverage all of the living space in order to accommodate the owners’ dynamic lifestyle and extensive book collection.

Our approach:

We redesigned and repurposed several parts of the flat to better capture the natural light and create additional corners for reading, working and a bar area. Broadening the window frames created additional storage and sitting space without compromising the overall spaciousness.

The colour scheme accentuates the various corners in the open plan and brings an overall sense of completeness to the flat. Using a combination of open and closed built-in storage cabinets allows for easy organisation and does not compromise the overall living space.

The result:

An interior design transformation that effectively accommodates the owners’ dynamic lifestyle and makes the most out of the available space.

  • Authors:
    Miroslav Velkov, Dessislava Kovacheva, Donika Georgieva
  • Year: 2021
  • Client: private
  • Status: in progress