The Story of & Interactive Exhibition

With the interactive exhibition, the America for Bulgaria Foundation celebrates its 15th anniversary and the successes of the organizations and projects supported by the Foundation over the years. 

This story is about the conjunction “and” (&) – a story about people and organizations working and succeeding together.

With the interactive exhibition, we set ourselves the goal of immersing the audience in a sensory experience – an interpretation of life, where dreams meet reality. The main challenge was to tell the story of 1217 realized projects and dreams come true in a 30-minute performance in two halls on the ground floor of the National Palace of Culture.

Our role was leading both in creating the concept of the visitor experience and in materializing the story in the space using the objects and installations as storytellers. The sensory journey includes walking on real grass, meeting the avatars of cеlebrities and heroes, intertwining the present and the possible bright future with the help of fantastic illustrations, playing with lights and shadows and many more unexpected situations.

  • Authors:
    Atelier 3 (Donika Georgieva, Miroslav Velkov, Dessislava Kovacheva, Kristina Kirilova)
    MP-Studio (Strahil Jordanov, Marin Petkov, Marin Dimitrov, Dilian Nalbantov)
    guts&brainsDDB (Yordan Zhechev, Nataliya Nikolova, Alexander Milov)
  • Collaborators:
    Project management: Atelier 3, America for Bulgaria Foundation (Hristina Ninova, Tsanislav Genchev, Tsvetana Kasabova, Iva Toshkova)
    Scenography and content: Atelier 3, MP-Studio, America for Bulgaria Foundation
    Audio-visual installation: MP-Studio
    Graphic design: guts&brainsDDB
    Construction: Brandevent, Stage Masters, Farco, Studio 8988, ТОТЕХ
    Featuring: the artists Tekla Alexieva and Kapka Kaneva, Maestro Maxim Eshkenazy, actors Vesselin Rankov, Kate Nichols, Kristina Veroslavova and Chuck Brown
  • Year: 2023
  • Client: America for Bulgaria Foundation
  • Status: completed
  • Website: