Adaptable Architecture Gallery

Adaptable Architecture Gallery is a competition project for a floating along the Thames architecture gallery, which contains and distributes – both metaphorically and literally – ideas for the city as a whole.

In the basis of the concept stand the cultural diversity of London and the influence of the waterway on the city. The design proposes a structure interpreting commercial containers – bearers of the various cultural phenomena that influenced the history of London.

This “container architecture” carries on the idea of the strong cultural presence of the Thames in the city with its:

  • multi-coloured containers: the constant element symbolising the thousands London histories;
  • interpenetrating spaces: interpretation of the identity and multi-culture vitality of the metropolis;
  • moving elements: reflection of the urban dynamics and constant changes.
  • Authors:
    Velina Pandjarova, Miroslav Velkov, Donika Georgieva
  • Year: 2008
  • Client: Arquitectum
  • Status: international competition