Kindergarten in Gorna Banya

The concept of the kindergarten is based on the kids’ needs and scale to provide experiences, to foster learning and creativity, to make the children feel cosy and free at the same time. The design follows this philosophy on all levels.

The situation of the building in the plot provides for optimal orientation of the premises and a large southern yard. The landscaping integrates various sensual experiences covering different fields of physical activities and creative thinking. The image of the building is a take on children’s drawings to create a kindergarten with a character. Two main volumes interpret the built environment of Gorna Banya and adapt to different scales of the adjacent space.

The functionality of the building is based on a clear differentiation of spaces – children spaces and administrative spaces. The foyer serves as a social space (gatherings, workshops, meetings of children, parents and teachers). Some of the rooms can be united and an additional hall could be used by the local community for different events.

The interior of the kindergarten offers unconventional spaces, flexible organisation through movable furniture and elements, individual game spaces. The design is simple, mainly in white and wood, to leave space for creativity, to foster activity and imagination.

  • Authors:
    Miroslav Velkov, Donika Georgieva, Dessislava Kovacheva
  • Year: 2019
  • Client: Sofia Municipality
  • Status: competition, 7th place