The Historical Hill of Chiprovtsi

This paper is developed following a commission by the Regional Urban Development Fund, the main partner in the Eco Municipality competition. In 2018, the Municipality of Chiprovtsi was a winner in the category “Sustainable Development of Public Spaces” for municipalities with a population under 40000.

The purpose of the present paper is to support the Municipality of Chiprovtsi in its efforts to develop the public spaces by proposing ideas for use and management of the Historical Hill of Chiprovtsi. The proposals are inspired by the specific potential of the place and take into account the contemporary trends in the development of similar spaces. Although the focus is on the Historical Hill, the proposed principles could be applied for other public spaces in the municipality.

  • Authors:
    Donika Georgieva, Dessislava Kovacheva, Miroslav Velkov
  • Collaborators:
    Milena Lozanova (drone photos), Gergana Ilieva (consultant)
  • Year: 2019
  • Client: Regional Urban Development Fund, Union of the Urbanists in Bulgaria
  • Status: concept
  • More Info:
    Partners and consultants: Martin Zaimov and Alis Magardichyan (RUDF) and Hristo Harlov (UUB)