Triumph Pavilion 2016: Energy Pavilion

Design Concept

The Universe is born from energy. The energy is destined to continuously degrade and fall apart, to move from order to disorder. Thus the mysterious concept of entropy or the measure of disorder appeared.

The architecture of the pavilion visualises a snapshot of the process of how energy spreads out and disperses.

The Energy Pavilion

The Energy Pavilion invites the people to zoom in and experience this universal flow of energy. The spaces created within the structure challenge people to explore different types of interaction. Like the energy changes permanently, our perception of the pavilion also changes as we move towards it.


The Energy Pavilion shall be fabricated out of bamboo poles anchored to an impregnated plywood platform and tied together by steel cables and spacers.

  • Authors:
    Atelier 3: Miroslav Velkov, Donika Georgieva, Georgi Kunchev, Dessislava Kovacheva
  • Year: 2015
  • Client: Archtriumph
  • Status: International competition
  • Status: